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英文简历(有工作经验者),简历,简历模板,求职简历,个人简历空白表格 ,

    Personal Information:
    Famlily Name: Wang Given Name: Bin
    Date of Birth: July 12, 1971 Birth Place: Beijing
    Sex: Male Marital Status: Unmarried
    Telephone: (010)62771234 Pager: 99900-1234567

    Work Experience:
    Nov. 1998- present CCIDE Inc, as a director of software development and web publishing .Organized and attended trade shows (Comdex 99) .
    Summer of 1997 BIT Companyas a technican ,designed various web sites . Designed and maintained the web site of our division independently from s electing suitable materials, content editing to designing web page by FrontPage, Photoshop and Java as well;

    1991 - August 1996 Dept.of Automation,Tsinghua University, B.E.
    Achievements & Activities:
    President and Founder of the Costumer Committee
    Established the organization as a member of BIT
    President of Communications for the Marketing Association
    Representative in the Student Association

    Computer Abilities:
    Skilled in use of MS Frontpage, Win 95/NT, Sun, Javabeans, HTML, CGI, JavaScript, Perl, Visual Interdev, Distributed Objects, CORBA, C, C++, Project 98, Office 97, Rational RequisitePro, Process,Pascal, PL/I and SQL software

    English Skills:
    Have a good command of both spoken and written English .Past CET-6, TOEFL:623;GRE: 2213

    Aggressive, independent and be able to work under a dynamic environment . Have coordination skills, teamwork spirit. Studious na ture and dedication are my greatest strengths.

简历,公文写作范文 - 简历,简历模板,求职简历,个人简历空白表格