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英文求职信工作经验常用语,简历,简历模板,求职简历,个人简历空白表格 ,

Dunphy & Reilly,Inc.
Senior Internal Auditor
Conducted operational and financial audits of manufacturingsubsidiaries.
Designed and implemented audit programs to test theefficiency of all
aspects of accounting controls.
Recommended changes and improvements to corporate anddivisional management.
Trained and supervised staff auditors in all aspectsof accounting controls.
Trained and supervised staff auditors in all aspectsof the audit engagement.
Involved with corporate management in areas of acquisitionand corporate development.

Staff Auditor
Plan,identify,and test controls;present findings and recommend actions to management.
Assist in the audits of New England,Northwest,New Jersey,Washington,D.C.,Southeast,and Great Lakes Districts and U.S.Areas General Ledger Group.

office Manager
Arrange logistics for office expansion and relocation.Establish office procedures and systems.Actuate/implement filing system,client billing system and bookkeeping.Order supplies;maintain inventory.Handle word processing and receptionist responsibilities.

Stevenson Data Systems,Los Angeles,CA
Components Evaluation Engineer
Responsible for the characterization and evaluation of,and approved vendors list for:Power supplies,oscillators,crystals,and programmable logic used in desktop and laptop computers.Evaluated and recommended quality components
that increased product profitability.Created and developed power supply
test plan used for evaluating third party power supplies.Interacted with vendors to resolve problems associated with components qualification.
Technical advisor for Purchasing.Promoted to Engineerll.

1.Previous job_____________________________________________________
2.Present job________________________________________________________
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简历,公文写作范文 - 简历,简历模板,求职简历,个人简历空白表格