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    阁下若有任何疑问,可致电管理处,电话号码:54221661 或 64014953(英语热线)
    Date:May 30th,2010

    To:All the owners and tenants who breed the dogs
    Cc:Hong Qiao Golf Villa Owners' Committee
    Notice about Dog Management Training
    Dear owners and tenants:
    Children were attacked by dogs recently in our compound.
    According to Shanghai Management Methods for Dogs: "Even if people hold the 'Dog Keeping Certification', except the certificate getting, illness checking and bacterin inoculation, the dogs are strictly prohibited to enter the roads, squares and other public areas as well as the dogs shall not disturb the normal life of the neighbors around!
    The <Law and Order of  P.R.C.> has been on Mar. 1st, 2010, warn the person who breeds the animals always bother the others. Who still refused to correct or let-alone the animal will get away with penalty R.M.B. 200.00 to 500.00. Who push the animals hurt others will be under arrest between 5 and 10 days and penalty R.M.B. 200.00 TO 500.00. For the less severe one will be under arrest not more than five days of penalty R.M.B. 500.00
    The Management Office has already reminded each resident who keep the dogs for many times as well to feed dogs according to relevant rule and order, but dogs are often hurt person. As the owner, should control and train your dog, avoid similar affairs happened again and again.
    We just remind those residents who breed the dog, if we find dogs hurting and springing on person, we will cooperate the government department to deal wit

www.fang668.com h. Meanwhile, we just remind that you can send your dog to training organization to accept the relevant course.
    Now we recommend two well-known training organizations for you. (Enclosed attachment)
    We hope that NO hurting accident by dogs happened in our compound again and let every resident feel comfortable and safe.
    For any inquiry, please contact us 54221661 or 64014953(English Hot Line).
    We are sincerely in your service!
    Hong Qiao Golf Villa Property Management Office
    May 30th,2010
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